Pregnant lady and lady drinking Saint Hemp protein powder whilst breastfeeding

Benefits of Hemp During Pregnancy And Breastfeeding

Most health food companies avoid the topics of pregnancy and breast feeding. We embrace it. Here's how Prudence and our baby benefited from using Saint Hemp throughout pregnancy and breast feeding.


    As soon I started making more of an effort to make sure I was having hemp in every meal, it made just the biggest difference. I forgot what it was like to have proper energy.

    Prudence is a yoga teacher, plant based eater and lover of all things hemp. She is my partner and an incredible Mum to our 4 month old baby, Ivy.

    We sat down and reflected on her journey over the last year or so from the first trimester of her pregnancy all the way through to today with our healthy, happy and chubby, hemp-fuelled baby!

    Changes during early pregnancy


    I just wanted to sleep all the time. My appetite increased but also changed a lot, so foods that I used to really like, I didn't anymore. I found instantly I needed more energy, more fuel.

    Pregnancy is an amazing time. A human is literally being formed inside you, and your body is going into overdrive to make that happen. The food you're eating is being passed to your baby via the placenta, so quite literally, what you eat baby eats. It's no wonder you're feeling tired and hungry!

    Nausea during pregnancy


    I was quite nauseous up to sixteen weeks. A lot of people experience nausea - your hormones and body are going crazy and it's all a little bit too much. It's hard having to cook when you're feeling so exhausted and nauseous all the time.

    Hormones are raging during early pregnancy as your body adapts to accommodate a rapidly developing new human. Although nutrition is crucial when you're pregnant, it's often easier said than done to actually keep your food down. Saint Hemp contains protein, fibre and omega fats and can be easily mixed into a protein shake or a smoothie to help you through those tough times when your belly is feeling ever so fragile.

    Low iron during pregnancy


    I found out at the beginning of my third trimester that I was low in iron - so low that they wanted to give me a transfusion, which I really didn't want, so I had to really focus on getting my iron levels up.

    Iron is an essential mineral for our red blood cells to transport oxygen from our lungs throughout our bodies. When you’re pregnant, your body needs more blood, so without enough iron, you’re at risk of iron deficiency anaemia and will likely feel totally exhausted. One serving of our hemp protein contains 43% of your daily iron intake, so it's a massive boost for all pregnant Mums to be.

    Constipation during pregnancy


    Your whole digestive system totally changes. It's all just hormonal and you feel really dehydrated all the time. Using Saint Hemp was great - it wasn't going to a chemist to buy an artificial fibre supplement and it wasn't an extra thing I had to do.

    Adding fibre to your diet is the number one way to get stubborn bowels moving again. Plant-based foods in general are full of fibre, so get your veggies in and grab some of our hemp protein which has 25% of your recommended daily fibre intake per serve.

    Folic acid during pregnancy


    Every appointment that you go to they ask "Are you taking a prenatal vitamin?" They say it's really good for baby's brain development, especially in the first trimester.

    Our hemp protein is a source of folic acid, containing 13% of your recommended daily intake per serve, and can be used in conjunction with a prenatal vitamin for an added boost.

    Dehydration and hunger during pregnancy


    You definitely get really dehydrated breastfeeding and you also get really hungry. I found having Saint Hemp shakes was a great way to stay hydrated and have a little snack - it's yum! It refuels what I'm losing and I'm not making bad food choices. Also, the benefits of hemp are going straight to bub through my breast milk.

    You're burning a lot of calories while you breastfeed so it's really important to get the right nutrients in to stop you from feeling exhausted. It's tempting with a newborn to put all of baby's needs ahead of your own, but remember when it comes to breastfeeding, what you eat they eat, so do everyone a favour and look after yourself. Prudence is constantly mixing up Saint Hemp protein shakes as it's a complete source of protein, fibre, omega fats, vitamins and minerals all in one drink that takes 1 minute to make (and luckily she has an unlimited supply!).

    Dry skin during pregnancy


    During my pregnancy, I started putting hemp seed oil on my belly, legs and all over my body. I felt really dehydrated on my skin and in my hair. I was doing hemp oil masks in my hair, but it starts from the inside - you can't just rely on what you use topically.

    Hemp seeds are packed full of omega 3 and 6 and hemp seed oil is arguably nature's most effective skin moisturiser. We use our hemp seed oil on Ivy's skin by giving her a little massage after her bath every night and she's never had one single rash. Pru also didn't have a single stretch mark on her belly and applied our hemp seed oil daily. It really is one of nature's finest oils for your insides and out.




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