Got a question for us? We've answered some popular ones below.

  • Where is your hemp grown?

    All of our hemp is proudly Australian grown, with our most recent crops based in Tasmania. Note, a lot of our competitors do not source from Australian farms and import low quality seeds from overseas, so please be aware of this during your research and always read the label properly.

  • Can hemp get you high?

    No. Hemp and marijuana are both varieties of the cannabis sativa plant. Marijuana contains THC, the chemical compound to get you high, but hemp does not. Think of it like wolves and poodles - same species, different breed.

  • Where are your products processed and packed?

    Our products are all processed and packed in a dedicated hemp foods facility in New South Wales. 

  • Is your manufacturing facility fully certified for food production?

    It is indeed. We are certified by HACCP Australia and you'll see their certification mark on all of our products. HACCP's sole purpose is to identify and manage hazards, reducing the risks of food contamination events through the development, implementation and ongoing operation of comprehensive food safety programmes.

  • Is there any cross contamination in your manufacturing process?

    No. There is no cross contamination whatsoever at our manufacturing site, as unlike many of our competitors, we solely process hemp food products.

  • Is Saint Hemp gluten free?

    Our hemp seeds and hemp seed oil are both single ingredient products and are 100% guaranteed gluten free. It's a simple, single supply chain and both products have been tested with a 'nil detected' result. They're even safe if you're celiac.

    The non-hemp ingredients (e.g. coconut flour, maca powder etc.) in our protein powders are all gluten free ingredients, but they're sourced from external suppliers with their own production facilities, therefore we can't definitively guarantee that their manufacturing processes are 100% free of gluten residue. We do everything we can to source from credible, high-quality, gluten free suppliers, but as the end-to-end supply chain is not all under our direct control, we err on the side of caution by not labelling our hemp protein powders as gluten free.

  • Do you use any sweeteners in your products?

    There's no artificial sweeteners or flavours in our products (in fact, there's no artificial ingredients full stop). We have included monk fruit extract in our protein powders which is derived from dried monk fruit (it looks like a small green melon and is native to southern China). The extract has zero calories and carbs, and does not raise blood glucose levels.

  • How many servings are there in each product?

    Our protein has 16.6 servings, as does our hemp seed oil. Our hemp seeds contain 10 servings. This is all based on recommended serving sizes, however it's totally up to you if you wish to use less or more. There are many ways to use our products - check out our recipes here.

    Please experiment, listen to your body and see what works for you.

  • I'm vegetarian / vegan. Can I use Saint Hemp?

    Yes. Our products are free of all animal products, so you're good to go.

  • I am pregnant / breastfeeding. Can I use Saint Hemp?

    Please check with your doctor if you're unsure, but our experience using Saint Hemp products has been completely positive throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding. Please check out this article/video of my partner, Prudence, discussing the many benefits she experienced when using hemp during her own pregnancy and post-natal journey.

  • I don't go to the gym. Can I still use Saint Hemp?

    Yes, absolutely. Hemp is just a food supplement, so as long as you're using it as part of a balanced diet, it's open to everyone.

  • Are Saint Hemp products suitable for kids?

    Yes, absolutely. Please enjoy our products with your whole family.

  • Do you deliver internationally?

    Yes, we ship worldwide. Note, we've had a couple of issues with certain countries charging customs fees. Unfortunately, it's nothing we can control ourselves so please be aware of the importing laws in your own country before ordering. We're an Australian company that currently distributes all of our orders from a warehouse in Sydney, but as we grow we'll aim to partner with distributors overseas.

  • What are your shipping times?

    Please click here for all shipping information.

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