Australian Hemp Seed Oil


Our Australian hemp seed oil is made by cold pressing hemp seeds, harvested from beautiful crops of cannabis sativa hemp, grown in Tasmania. Unrefined hemp seed oil is dark to clear light green in colour with a nutty flavour. It's packed full of essential fatty acids, boasting an optimal 3:1 ratio of omega six and three for human consumption.

The health benefits of hemp seed oil extend beyond food nutrition. Prior to hemp seeds being legalised for eating, many skincare products used hemp seed oil as an ingredient to hydrate dry skin, strengthen hair and nail growth, and even relieve joint pain. It's still very popular for these purposes today, so feel free to try it out for body care purposes too!

How do I use hemp seed oil?
1. Simply drizzle your hemp seed oil on food, make sauces and dips with it, or add it to your smoothies. Need inspiration? Check out our vegan hemp recipe eBook here.

2. Apply your hemp seed oil directly to your skin - it's an amazing, natural moisturiser.

3. Make a hemp seed oil hair mask.

Can I give hemp seed oil to my pet?
Yes, hemp seed oil is great for the health of your pet's joints, skin and fur. It can be simply added to pet food and is suitable for dogs, cats, horses, birds, rabbits, chickens, cattle and many more!

Want to know more about hemp?
Check out our article: What is Hemp? 

All Saint Hemp products do not contain any psychoactive ingredients and will not get you high. Our Australian hemp seed oil is proudly five health star rated, dairy free, soy free, stevia free, gluten free, non-gmo, and of course, vegan friendly. We are certified by HACCP Australia for food safety and you'll see their certification mark on all of our products.

SIZE : 250ml

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  • Ingredients

    100% Australian cold pressed hemp seed oil. 

  • nutritional details

    • Source of omega three
    • Source of omega six
    • High in polyunsaturated fatty acids
    • Trans fats free
    • Low in sodium
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